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L.C.T. Competition

On Sunday September 29th 2019, the club are hosting it's first L.C.T Competition.

As this is our first competition, it will be a low-key event for L.C.T Students only.


Venue: All Seasons Leisure Centre (Chorley)

Registration: All registrations to be done online. The deadline for accepting entries is Sunday September 22nd.

Sign In: Arrive at 9:30am for sign in.

Events: Patterns (Individual and Team), Sparring and Breaking.

Complete the entry form below. Once your form has been received, you will be sent an email with a link to pay for your entry. All entries are a one off fee of £10 which covers the cost of all events. No entries will be accepted on the day of the event, so all forms must be completed and entry fees sent in order for you to secure your place. Your booking will not be confirmed until you have done this.